BT Transitioning Legal Services Captive to UnitedLex

March 30, 2010

In a very significant event, both for the industry and for UnitedLex, BT (British Telecom) has announced that it is transferring the duties and personnel of its captive legal services unit in India to UnitedLex.  (See Full Disclosure below.)

BT, a Fortune Global 500 company that operates in 170 countries, set up a subsidiary legal services unit (a “captive” in industry parlance) in Gurgaon, India five years ago.  We know from the very nature of its business that BT is familiar with offshoring generally, and, because it ran a captive legal services center for five years, we also know that it is intimately familiar with legal services offshoring.  According to David Eveleigh, General Counsel for BT Global Services, the announced reason to divest was to “gain access to an established Legal Process Outsourcer who can offer industry best practices and provide global scalability.”  The deal is important for the industry because it suggests that BT’s experience demonstrated the value of outsourcing legal services, even if it has reconsidered its position in the captive vs. vendor offshoring dilemma.  Read the rest of this entry »

Red Bridge Strategy Announces Global Legal Process Management Boot Camp

March 18, 2010

May 18 – 20 in Mumbai & Delhi, India

Red Bridge Strategy, Inc., a management consulting firm focused on cross-border business functions, today announced its 2010 Global Legal Process Management Boot Camp.  The Boot Camp will provide a comprehensive overview of the topics that legal executives must consider when evaluating the globalization of legal operations and legal process outsourcing (“LPO”).  Seminars and discussions will be led by an all-star team of industry experts from Integreon, Pangea3, Red Bridge Strategy, UnitedLex, ValueNotes, and others. Presentations will include: Read the rest of this entry »

Should GCs Retain LPO Vendors Directly or Through Law Firms?

March 11, 2010

When corporations evaluate legal process outsourcing, one of the questions that General Counsels (“GCs”) wrestle with is: “Should we (the corporation) contract with a legal process outsourcing vendor directly, or should our outside counsel retain a vendor on our behalf?”  The answer will depend on many factors such as the volume and kind of work to be outsourced, the sophistication of project (engagement) management available, international data privacy regimes, the degree of subject matter knowledge required, and experience with other kinds of outsourcing providers.  The key, however, is whether the corporation would be better served by managing the outsourcer directly, or by “outsourcing” the management to its general counsel.    Read the rest of this entry »

Global Legal Process Management Boot Camp

March 10, 2010

During the week of May 17th, Red Bridge Strategy, Inc. will be offering a Global Legal Process Management Boot Camp in Mumbai and Delhi, India.  Attendees will learn about the broad topic of global legal process management while highlighting Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) as one in a set of available tools.  Presentations, facilities tours, and personalized discussions will educate and inform general counsels, law firm partners and senior attorneys seeking to get up to speed quickly about the industry, its benefits, and its challenges. 

The Boot Camp will provide attendees with firsthand exposure to the operating environment in India including local talent, business practices, culture, and infrastructure while simultaneously explaining local measures that address security, ethics, confidentiality, and other topics.

An all star line-up of industry authorities from Integreon, ValueNotes, Pangea3, UnitedLex, Red Bridge Strategy, Inc., and others will educate attendees.

Look for additional information in the coming weeks.

Red Bridge Strategy, Inc. provides a full suite of process evaluation, LPO vendor evaluation, and transition services to companies interested in legal process outsourcing.  Contact Matthew Sullivan for additional information.