Traveling to India

In light of the upcoming Global Legal Process Management Boot Camp, Global Legal blog readers may be interested in information about traveling to India.  One of our goals in organizing the Boot Camp is to make it easier for lawyers who have not yet traveled to India to have a positive and productive experience.

Boot Camp participants, and people who are still considering registering, may be interested in the series of posts written for first time business travelers to India, by Cindy Carpenter, one of my partners at Red Bridge Strategy.

The first, So, You’re Going to India for the First Time! (1 of 3), outlines the tasks and timelines for pre-trip planning and provides suggestions for what to bring and wear.

The second So, You’re Going to India for the First Time! (2 of 3) outlines what to expect on arrival and during your stay in India. 

While the last one, So, You’re Going to India for the First Time! (3 of 3) provides advice on such diverse topics as what to eat & not eat, money, bathrooms, head movements, tipping and shopping.

I hope you find these useful.  Please feel free to contact me about any concerns or questions you may have.

One Response to Traveling to India

  1. There may be some potential to what the Legal process outsourcing boot camp could offer besides making travel to India. However geographical consideration and distance should be seen a factor in the participants part.

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