Infosys Finally Focusing on LPO (Part 2)

I recently spoke to Rahul Shah, LPO Practice Head at Infosys, about the LPO market and Infosys’ place in it.  In the second of this two-part post, Rahul talks about the advantages and disadvantages of Infosys’ size and how he views their strengths.  If you missed part 1, you can find it at Infosys Finally Focusing on LPO (Part 1).

GLOBAL LEGAL:  What does Infosys see as its competitive advantage in LPO? 

INFOSYS:  There are lots of companies that have come and gone in the LPO industry, but Infosys is a big player with large relationships, commitment to quality, risk mitigation and governance, financial strength, IT strength and infrastructure scalability. There are multiple environmental forces that are impacting the law firms and a General Counsel’s office. Examples include globalization and rapid digitization. Hence, given the rapid changing environment, law firms and general counsel need transformational partners in their journey to evolve into the law office of the future. Key components of our approach include our focus on domain expertise, attracting and retaining the best industry talent and being transformational partners with our customers. We believe these factors make 98% of our clients come back with repeat business.

GLOBAL LEGAL:  What are the advantages/disadvantages for clients of working with one provider for both legal process and other BP or IT services?

INFOSYS: The advantage of a client choosing us as a one-stop shop for their requirements is that we have a big picture perspective of the work the client does, their standards and requirements. Training and integration is more effective not to mention the fact that they might be able to get a better deal for themselves since they will be in a position to negotiate better.

GLOBAL LEGAL:  Who do you see as your major competitors in the LPO space?

INFOSYS: We see competition in 2 buckets.

a)      Pure play LPO firms – their proposition is very different than ours;

b)      Large BPO / ITES players

GLOBAL LEGAL:  Given Infosys size, isn’t there a higher likelihood that you may have the other party to litigation among your clients for BP or IT services, even if not for LPO work?  Have you considered how legal conflicts will be managed at Infosys? Can you provide LPO services to clients if the other party to litigation works with Infosys for non-LPO?

INFOSYS:  All highly confidential projects’ team members go through conflict checks and a computerized database of the same is maintained. They are also made to sign non-disclosure agreements for which they are criminally liable. We believe these measures are even more stringent than the workplaces in U.S and U.K. People are made aware of confidentiality issues and people are sensitized/trained to data security and the consequences of its breach.

Our processes are compliant with the American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct – Rule 1.7 and we commit to securing our clients’ confidence. We have an extensive list of client names that we maintain and check against that before starting any project as part of our process. All team members are trained on our procedure.

With respect to conflicts between non-LPO and LPO team members we do not think that is an issue of concern because of the above measures and can provide services to clients if the other party to litigation works for Infosys non-LPO units. In addition to the above, Infosys maintains all the certifications required for risk compliance and these include the, OHSAS 18001:1999 and eSCM – Level 5 certifications.

GLOBAL LEGAL:  Obviously Infosys has been very successful in the ITO and BPO industries.  Which lessons from these experiences will be useful in the LPO industry? Infrastructure & security?

INFOSYS:  Infosys parentage provides us unwavering focus on some guiding principles like client delight, flawless risk management, predictability and focus on transformation and impacting our clients business metrics. These will stand us in good stead for our LPO business as well.

This apart, we can leverage the same strengths as our other businesses – global infrastructure, ability to attract and retain the best talent, financial strength, best of breed data, security and confidentiality management practices, transformational mindset etc.

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