Surviving the New Immigration Regulations: Recommendations for Offshore Outsourcing Providers and their Clients

May 22, 2013

The End of Visa Availability for Indian-Centric Providers

As a result of proposed immigration regulations that will restrict the availability of visas for their employees, offshore outsourcing providers that employ large numbers of foreign workers in the U.S. now face enormous challenges to their business model.  Critics have long blamed offshoring for contributing to America’s economic woes, and some providers have been accused of violating U.S. visa regulations.  Partially as a result, the current Senate Immigration Reform Bill (S. 744) restricts visa employment visa availability and increases costs for large employers.  The Bill provides that no more than 75% of employees can be H1-B or L visa holders in 2015, and restricts employers to 65% in 2016, and to no more than 50% thereafter. In addition, 2014 L-visa filing fees will be $5,000 for employers with between 30% and 50% of employees on H1-B and L visas, and $10,000 for employers with between 50% and 75% working under such visas. (Sec. 4304, 4305). Read the rest of this entry »