Matthew SullivanGlobal Legal highlights topics relevant to global business services practitioners at western corporations and law firms who are interested in process globalization and outsourcing. Some posts may also provide useful insights for global services and outsourcing vendors. Posts are expected to add an independent voice to some of the other great blogs in the globalization space that are written by people affiliated with vendors. In addition, some posts may highlight the activities of Red Bridge Strategy, Inc. and the personal causes and interests of Matthew Sullivan.

Matthew Sullivan is a founder and principal at Red Bridge Strategy, Inc. He specializes in helping companies develop corporate globalization strategies to optimize costs and strategic value while mitigating risk. He has 20 years of experience serving businesses in the capacities of attorney, management consultant and technologist. In addition to experience with prominent consulting and law firms in the U.S., Matt lived in Pune, India, for two years, where he managed the risk management & regulatory compliance practice for a global outsourcing company. Matt holds an undergraduate degree in computer science, graduate degrees in business and law, and is a member of the Massachusetts Bar.

Website: www.redbridgestrategy.com

LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewesullivan

E-mail: msullivan(at)redbridgestrategy.com

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