Global Legal Process Management Boot Camp

March 10, 2010

During the week of May 17th, Red Bridge Strategy, Inc. will be offering a Global Legal Process Management Boot Camp in Mumbai and Delhi, India.  Attendees will learn about the broad topic of global legal process management while highlighting Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) as one in a set of available tools.  Presentations, facilities tours, and personalized discussions will educate and inform general counsels, law firm partners and senior attorneys seeking to get up to speed quickly about the industry, its benefits, and its challenges. 

The Boot Camp will provide attendees with firsthand exposure to the operating environment in India including local talent, business practices, culture, and infrastructure while simultaneously explaining local measures that address security, ethics, confidentiality, and other topics.

An all star line-up of industry authorities from Integreon, ValueNotes, Pangea3, UnitedLex, Red Bridge Strategy, Inc., and others will educate attendees.

Look for additional information in the coming weeks.

Red Bridge Strategy, Inc. provides a full suite of process evaluation, LPO vendor evaluation, and transition services to companies interested in legal process outsourcing.  Contact Matthew Sullivan for additional information.

Evaluating Information Security during an LPO Vendor Site Visit

October 17, 2009

In a previous post I outlined the need for LPO vendors to implement information security standards and have them periodically certified by independent third parties.  Certification is designed to obviate the need for every General Counsel (or other LPO clients) to send an information security specialist to evaluate information security controls at each vendor.  However, LPO clients cannot rely on third party certifications alone.  When outsourcing legal work (and most other types of work) clients should also protect their information by thoroughly reviewing a vendor’s written security policies and practices.  Clients should then make site visits (1) to observe and interview vendor personnel in order to gauge their awareness of policies, and (2) to review the overall information security culture. We strongly recommend that vendor site visits be conducted at the time of due diligence and thereafter at least annually.  Information security terms are also an integral part of an LPO vendor contract, and I will write generally about LPO contracts in a future post.

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Information Security at LPO Vendors

September 17, 2009

In a previous post I discussed a number of characteristics that could help General Counsels (GCs) cull the list of LPO vendors.  One consideration at the top of every GC’s list is security.  The importance of information security and the related disciplines of confidentiality, integrity and availability of information cannot be overstated.  CGs should require that LPO vendors choose an applicable standard, implement it rigorously, and subject their operations to periodic testing by an independent third party.  Some uses of LPO will be less critical with regard to the information security (e.g. general contract management), but for corporations intending to use multiple LPO vendors or to outsource work requiring heightened security, (e.g. M&A doc review, litigation) a single standard will be easiest to evaluate and monitor over time.

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