From Around the (LPO) Web – Questions of Communications and Insurance

November 4, 2009

Last Friday, in her blog Legal Research and Writing Pro, Lisa Solomon posted Independent US Contract Lawyer Takes On Foreign LPO wherein she critiqued the post Bursting the 7 Myths behind Legal Process Outsourcing by Jagriti Mishra, the head of business development at Indian LPO company Draft and Craft Law Firm Pvt. Ltd. (Isn’t it cool how we  can link all this commentary so easily?!?) 

Solomon criticized “grammar and usage errors” in Mishra’s post, to which Mishra responded (in her blog) that because his role is business development, his posts are in no way “indicative of work product meeting US/UK standards.”  In my recent post Culling the List of LPO Vendors, I suggested that CGs and law firms evaluate exactly this sort of vendor communication.  I will let readers draw their own conclusions here, but the relevant questions that I suggested clients ask are:

  • What is the vendor’s reputation for quality and professionalism? 
  • Do all of their communications back up their reputation?

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