Immigration Bill Gives Competitive Advantage to American Firms

June 14, 2013

In a previous post, I outlined how America’s proposed new immigration regulations (Senate Immigration Reform Bill S. 744) restrict visa availability and increase costs for large employers.  In this post, I outline how “Outplacement” restrictions in the bill will strengthen U.S.-centric third party providers at the expense of India-centric third party providers, and will benefit captive providers as compared to either type of third party outsourcer. Read the rest of this entry »

True Global Outsourcing: It’s about Skills, Not Visas

April 25, 2012

Writing in Forbes, veteran Forrester analyst Stephanie Moore, recently wrote that “every offshore development team requires an onsite component, [and] that [the] onsite component could be provided by American citizens — who naturally have more contextual business understanding, thus satisfying one of clients’ most pressing needs today.” (True Global Outsourcing Should End The Visa Debate). Moore is right that American employees can and should staff more of the onsite roles in global IT outsourcing projects, but the reason they don’t is driven more by the difficulty of finding American employees who have the appropriate skills and interests than it is by costs. Read the rest of this entry »